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Gashtyar is a company specialized in the field of travel and tourism in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and it provides all services in terms of issuing tickets, hotel bookings, health insurance, organizing touristic groups, corporate and personal travel management, and everything related to the travel and tourism industry. Gashtyar has a specialized and experienced staff in the field of travel and tourism and also provides its services in Erbil, Dohuk, Kirkuk and Mosul, as well as by providing its services to offices operating in the rest of the cities in Kurdistan and Iraq. Gashtyar Company is considered one of the oldest travel and tourism companies in the Kurdistan region, as it was established in 2006 in Erbil and its journey in this area began by opening a branch in Dohuk as well, and then Kirkuk and Mosul.

Gashtyar Company aims to facilitate all services to travelers in order for their trips and travels to be well managed and enjoyable

Most travelers need inquiries and changing travel plans from changing the date or canceling flights, which are usually not easy steps with airlines and require effort and time, the mission of the company and its staff is to provide these services with all other travel and tourism services. However, Gashtyar Company Provides low prices on air carriers operating in Iraq and organizes tourist groups at reasonable prices on all public holidays.

  • We believe that integrity is the basis for any business

  • We serve our customers with an experienced staff to provide high-quality services

  • Commitment to diversity and acceptance of difference

Since the beginning of its journey gashtyar company has been doing good in sales of airlines later we have been choosen as the one of the top ten resellers of some airlines operating in Kurdistan region below are some.


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